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The Uzbek-British Joint Venture “FAYZ DEKOR BIZNES” Ltd was founded in 2006. The company was engaged in supplying raw materials and ingredients for local ice cream, confectionery and other food products producers in the beginning of its activity. Later on after studying the local market it was decided to establish the production of confectionery, and chocolate with high quality and reasonable price.

The first production line of chocolate was launched in 2008. In order to satisfy the growing market demand for high-quality chocolate products, the second production line was launched in 2009. Thus, by 2010 JV "FAYZ DEKOR BIZNES" offers more than 40 kinds of chocolate products to the public.

We do our best to offer various different products for sweets lovers. Therefore, our company launched the wafer line "Hebenstreet Rapido" in 2010. In 2012, new lines were launched with equipment Sollich KG (Germany) and Chocotech GmbH (Germany) for the production of chocolate bars and mini-bars, able to compete with the products of European manufacturers. Such sweets as CARNERO, MILAGRO, TORRO and CARMEL conquer the hearts of sweet lovers.

Our company launches another line in 2010 – “Shell Moulding” from “BOHNKE & LUCKAU” GmbH (Germany) - for chocolate production. Products made on this technological line, namely sweets "Ottimo" and "Belleza" bring the quality of our products to a new level.

Upon the recommendation of our foreign partner the “HEBENSTREIT RAPIDO” (Germany) line for the production of wafers was launched in 2011. Wafers "Retro", "Fayz", "City in the Night" can compete in all quality features with any imported analogues of this product.

Our products such as “Losso”, “Lux”, “Golden Chest”, “Royal Charm”, “Truffle Premium”, “Retro”, “City in the Night” and many others, are in great demand in neighborhood countries.

"MAKEEV MAKINA SanveTic AS" (Turkey) - from the first days of our Foundation kindly provides us with packaging equipment for our sweets according to our requirements and wishes.

At the end of 2012, in early 2013, our company launched a new technology line of GORRERI SRL (Italy) and HAAS MEINCKE A / S (Denmark) - for the production of biscuit rolls. Which we hope will meet all the requirements of the most exquisite consumers in our country.

Today our customers are confident in the quality of our products. Over the past period, JV "FAYZ DEKOR BIZNES" has established itself in the confectionery market as a reliable partner with flawless reputation in fulfilling its obligations truthfully and in a timely manner, as an experienced marketer in improving the range and quality of products.

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